Video To USB

Why not store all your memories in one place with a click of a button!

Keep your films safe and secure for generations to come by storing all your cassettes on a USB. You can then copy, share, store and view whenever you want from either your TV, iPad, Computer or mobile phone.

You can also share with friends and family via social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram!

We offer, VHS – S-VHS – VHS-C – BETAMAX – HI8 – DIGITAL 8 – MINI DV – MICRO MV and all memory cards to USB.

Any cassette up to a 2 hour recording £14.99 and up to 4 hours per cassette £19.99

We use professional branded USB’s for security and reliability.

1 USB to store 1-5 cassettes is £10.00 and 1 USB to store 5-10 cassettes is £15.00

  • Larger storage is available on request.
  • All footage is uploaded to the cloud free of charge.
Video to usb