video and Hi8 conversions

Ive had video’s from weddings and old camcorder stuff for years gathering dust, people telling me they cant be converted. But found ‘Film Conversions’ on line a while ago, and thought how professional the add looked, so decided to send all my old stuff off to them.
For starters, it was quite nerve wracking sending all my precious memories off in the post, worried they’re never going to be seen again! But i got a phone call when they arrived the other end to say that they had been received safely, which imediately put my mind at rest. Also saying there would be no problem transferring them all and would receive another phone call when done.
literally within a wk i had made the payment, which was very reasonable, the package was back on my door step, securely packaged, beautifully presented dvd’s!!! was sooo excited to play them, that wkend was spent down memory lane with lots of happy tears to boot!
Can’t thank you enough jon at ‘Film Conversions’. Have just sent the next batch…