Other Conversion Services by Film Conversions

Along with our popular Video To Dvd, Cine Film To DVD , Camcorder to DVD & Slides To DVD conversion service we also convert the following formats to high quality DVD disc:

  • U-Matic to DVD conversion: U –matic conversions to a broadcast-able quality reproduction on to all digital media
  • Laser Disc to DVD conversion: All Laser formats and sizes 8cm, 12cm, 20cm and 30cm, PAL & NTSC
  • Reel to Reel conversion: Using the state of the art, high end stereo reel to reel available today we can produce the most wonderful reproduction from tape.
  • Audio to CD: We can remaster all your old music cassettes and vinyl records to high quality digital CD’s
  • Editing Wedding Videos (All Wedding Videos can be edited:- Music replacement, Fully digitally enhanced, made bigger and brighter on all formats & people or sound erased and fully restored)


"Film Conversions took reel footage from 43 years ago and converted them to DVD. I saw film footage of my family that I've never seen before and this was a real joy to watch. This will make a superb gift for my family this Christmas. Great value for money. Thanks very much."
Steven Morris