Video to DVD Conversion by Film Conversions

Transferring all kinds of video tape, Video to DVD Conversion is easy with our service:

We offer, VHS – S-VHS – VHS-C – BETAMAX – HI8 – DIGITAL 8 – MINI DV – MICRO MV and all memory cards to DVD.
Full NTSC to PAL and PAL TO NTSC conversions are included within our service of transfers.

Each DVD is personalised to your requirements. Chapters, interactive menu’s, background music can all be added.

All DVD’s come with a professional quality DVD case all custom designed including disc and cover artwork.
Your film conversion will play all over the world so matter if its for the UK or the USA, you can rest a assure that your memories will be played over and over with trouble free viewing.

On request, we are able to transfer film footage to photographs, so if you have ever lost any precious photos of loved ones, please tell us and we will be more than happy to build a personal photo album for you to cherish for ever.

We can transfer up to 3 hours of film to DVD without loosing any quality. So if you have for example a “holiday compilation” which consists of 3, 1 hour tapes, we will be able to build a DVD for you with all the 3 tapes on 1 DVD with all separate interactive menus for you to navigate through.

Our prices:
Up to ½ Hour of capture £4.99
Up to 2 Hours of capture £9.97
Up to 3 Hours of capture £14.99

Full Editing with film removal, for example, adverts, recording of floors, the sky, fast unstable recording, loud or low noises.
We can add intro music, photo-slideshows for opening introductions and create special title credits, example, “thank you”, “In Loving Memory”, “Special Thanks to…”

Editing starts from £24.99 per 2 hours of film footage.

We can tailor make your film to your requests, so just ask and we will be more than pleased to help…


"Film Conversions took reel footage from 43 years ago and converted them to DVD. I saw film footage of my family that I've never seen before and this was a real joy to watch. This will make a superb gift for my family this Christmas. Great value for money. Thanks very much."
Steven Morris
"Hi Jon, Just to say i have received the films back, & i am well impressed with not only the top quality of the discs, but also the way they were packaged, and most of all the top quality of the service i received from you & your company. I would have no hesitation in recomending you to anybody who would want this type of work carried out in the future. Once again many thanks for everything."
Victor Grifith